Aspects of the top games scoring

Our team have worked on scoring of many games, that have reached top places at various platforms. One of them are Cut the Rope 2, Cut the Rope Magic, Township, Fishdom, Indy Cat, Knights: Clash of Heroes, Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart and the others. An interesting feature of these games is uncontested focus on success. All aspects of the game must be made at the highest level. Usually a whole team (game designers, producers) is engaged in the approving of sound materials. Collegiate approving leads to iterative approach in the work and a very close interaction with composers and sound designers. Our team has always provided this approach. We have a thorough QA within our team, which with the working approach of the developers leads to a perfect result.

Om-Nom stories

We have finished scoring of the Om-Nom stories 4th season, and started working on the 5th season of the online animated series about the little green monster adventures. Interesting, but hard work, and we are proud of the result. The most important in the projects like this is to accent every move, every change of the mood with the music. Thanks to a close cooperation with animators, inspired with a classic animated films, we have got an emotional flexibility, precise of the sound narrative. Scoring should be concise, but volumetric as well. Of course, noise and voice components have to be on the same high level. The hard work of our sound designers and actors led to the proper result, which is already appreciated by millions of viewers around the world.

New musical themes for the Knights: Clash of Heroes game

Music for the Knights: Clash of Heroes from the Playkot company got a lot of positive feedback from gamers. Professional musicians have taken a part in the soundtrack recording, and a live voices added a special nuances to the sound. It was pretty obvious to extend the soundtrack by adding a few new musical themes. And we were shut in the studio once again. This time we invited more musicians. The result met expectations, and the soundtrack has seven songs now. A careful approach of the game developers to the music and sound design was noticed by gamers.

Creating Indy Detective game soundtrack
We invited a good musician, professional saxophonist Gdaliy Garmizu to record a music for the Indy Detective game. The saksfon is a perfectl fit to reflect the mood of the detective, and the living voice gave us a proper result.

Complete scoring of the Cut The Rope Magiс

This time Zeptolab entrusted complete scoring of the favourite mobile hit to us. The biggest challenge of this project was to inheritance. The series is well known and loved around the world. We had to create a sound picture, which would be one with the previous games of the franchise. But at the same time it should have a new magical mood. In addition, we had to work hard on the voice component. Many vivid characters must have a unique voice and character. But the voice of Om-Nom should be exactly the same voice from the previous installments of the game, cartoons, and other projects. Actors spent many hours with a microphone, which have led to the proper result.

Cradle - music and sound design
"Cradle" - a long-awaited adventure by Flying Café for Semianimals appears on Steam. We made sound design and additional music for this project.

Golden Rush - sound design
We've made sound design for the "Golden Rush" - Strategy Online Battle Arena (SOBA) in a fantasy world made by Elyland.