Scienart Media:
  • Music for games, trailers, movies, animation
  • Sound design
  • Voice over on any language
  • Localization
  • We have done more than 300 projects!
Scienart Media was founded in 2010. The company has overcome a long way over five years, earned excellent reputation and became a united team of professionals who can accomplish the most ambitious tasks in the field of music, sound design and voice recording of projects of any complexity, genre and scale.
Our advantages:
  • To the victorious end!
    Our task is to satisfy all our partners with the results of our cooperation, and bring all the projects to the victorious end.
  • Flexible discount system!
    We provide an up to 20% discount, depending on the prepayment, the amount of work and the total cost of the project.
  • Top-priority tasks performance!
    We are ready to take on a project of any complexity and make it as soon as possible.
  • Live instruments recording!
    We record live music played by professional musicians or a whole orchestra at your request.
  • High quality!
    Entrust your project to us and rest assured we will make it sound inimitable and professionally.


  • Egor Arkhipov
    Studio director, composer
  • Egor Sydorenko
    Composer, sound designer
  • Pavel Valtsev
    Composer, sound designer
  • Alexander Sherpaev
    Sound designer
  • Yuri Korchagin
    Composer, sound designer
  • Michael Arkhipov
    Localization specialist
  • Michael Morozov
    Sound engineer
  • Nikita Sevalnev
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